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About Big Orange

Big Orange is proud to be designed and manufactured in Canada.

Big Orange filter assembly will last for years. The filter medium (carbon) that removes the odour should last an entire season depending on use and conditions. However, if your tank overfills and waste gets into Big Orange you will need to clean out the filter and replace the carbon and filter screens.

When measuring for the new section of vent line needed to connect the outlet of the holding tank to the inlet of Big Orange, be sure to allow for a generous loop that rises above the tank. This will act like a baffle and should prevent any splashing of waste from working it's way to Big Orange. Also keep an eye on your tank level, do not overfill your tank.

The only way to be sure if waste has entered Big Orange is to simply remove the cartridge and inspect the openings for waste.

No. Big Orange does not filter the waste in your tank, only the air that is vented out of the tank due to flushing, boat movement, or tank expansion. Be sure to not overfill your tank and get waste inside of Big Orange. If this happens you will need to clean out the housing and replace the carbon and filter screens.

Possibly. The by pass valve in Big Orange only eliminates the restriction created by installing an inline filter. Some pump out facilities are very aggresive and will collapse the tank even if you don't have a filter installed. The tanks are made of soft plastic that can withstand some collapse but it is just a matter of time before a collapsed tank will crack.

No, the by pass valve is automatic. You never need to activate the by pass valve, it is operated by the difference in pressure between the tank and the vent line. Positive pressure keeps the valve closed and negative pressure (like during pump out) opens the valve.

About Big Orange Original Filter

You will receive a Big Orange Original Filter (some assembly required), a bag of carbon, two filter screens, a gasket kit, four screws to assemble Big Orange Original Filter and two to mount it to your boat and a Filter Instruction sheet. Please see the Filter Instruction sheet in the download section for detailed information.

Each boat is a little different, but a typical installation requires a Phillips screw driver, a drill and .144" bit, a length of 5/8" ID vent hose and two hose clamps and if you mount Big Orange Original Filter to the top of our holding tank, don't forget the silicone sealer for the screw holes. The length of the hose needed will depend on where you mount Big Orange. Please see the Filter Instruction sheet for detailed information

Probably. You need to check the diameter of your vent line. The Big Orange Original Filter has 16mm (5/8") diameter fittings, the most popular size. If you have a different size, contact us as we offer custom mounting bases with different sizes and styles of fittings. You may also want to download the dimensions sheet to get the size of Big Orange Original Filter to help you decide where to mount it.

Not really. Big Orange Original Filter can be mounted in any orientation. You just need to be sure to have access to the cartridge and to not block the Filter By-pass Valve.

The filter cartridge will need to slide approximately 10mm to release from the mounting base, but don't forget you'll need to get your fingers in there so the more room the better. Once it is released from the mounting base, the cartridge can be pulled straight out or down.

Very easy. No tools are required to remove the cartridge assembly from the mounting base. Just push down on the locking tab and pull the cartridge assembly out of the mounting base. Now you can take the cartridge assembly to somewhere easier to work on. Remove the screws from the cartridge assembly and remove the cartridge plate. Discard the foam filter screens and used carbon. Pour in the new carbon and install the new filter screens. Reattach the plate. Slide the cartridge assembly back into the mounting base.

About Big Orange OEM Filter

The box contains an OEM filter. Please remove the plastic plugs on either end of the filter before installation. The installation instruction are on the label on the outside of the filter.

This is a replacement filter, so you shouldn’t need any parts or tools (maybe a pair of pliers to loosen the fittings). Just unscrew the fittings from the old filter and remove the filter from the mounting bracket and install the Big Orange OEM in the reverse order.

If your boat has a Sealand filter with 3/4" Garden Hose threaded fittings, the OEM filter will fit. If you are using the OEM filter as a retro fit to a system with no filter, you need to have either 5/8” or 3/4” I.D. vent lines. You will need to provide the appropriate barbed fitting to make the connections.

Quite easy. Just remove the fittings from both ends of the filter and remove the filter from the boat. Unscrew the three phillips drive screws and remove the end cap of the filter. Dump out the used carbon and screens (one on either end of the filter). Install the new screens and carbon and replace the end cap of the filter with the three screws. Put the filter back in the boat and connect the fittings.

Shipping, Payments & Returns

Your Big Orange will be shipped within 10 days after receiving your order with approved credit. We will e-mail you immediately if there is any delay for any reason including credit problems. Product is generally in stock and in many cases will be shipped sooner than above.

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To check on delivery of an order please e-mail us. We will advise as soon as we check your order. Please include your Name, Address, Order Number, and Date of Order. Please also let us know about your special needs.

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Eliminates odour

Refillable filter

Easy installation

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