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Big Orange Original Filter

Big Orange Original Filter

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Introducing the game-changer in odour elimination for your boat's waste holding tank: The Big Orange Original filter! 

Unlike other filters, Big Orange features a refillable chamber, saving you money and reducing waste. Worried about holding tank collapse? Fear not! Our bypass valve ensures a seamless pumping experience every time. Plus, with the largest capacity on the market, up to 3 times that of other leading brands, the Big Orange filter guarantees long-lasting odour control, giving you peace of mind on every voyage.

Experience the difference for yourself - install Big Orange today and enjoy odour-free adventures on the open water. With easy installation and unparalleled effectiveness, it's time to upgrade to Big Orange and sail with confidence!

I have to say I am really impressed with the Big Orange. it works great and zero smell after a flush. Well worth the time and money!


I also added the Big Orange a few weeks ago ! Awesome product. The installation was fast and easy and the after flush smell is totally gone !

Chris P.

Went back and had my oldest daughter test the flushing and... well... nothing... Sweet, blessed, nothing... No scent, no whiff, no indication of what has taken place in the head. Awesome.


Frequently Asked Questions

Big Orange is proud to be designed and manufactured in Canada.

With proper maintenance, the Big Orange Original filter will last for years. The filter medium (carbon) that removes the odour should last at least an entire season, depending on use and conditions.

If your tank overfills and waste gets into the filter you will need to clean out the filter and replace the carbon and filter screens. Otherwise, the Big Orange filters are low-maintenance!

The only way to be 100% sure on whether or not waste has entered your Big Orange filter is to simply remove the cartridge and inspect the openings for waste.

When measuring for the new section of vent line needed to connect the outlet of the holding tank to the inlet of Big Orange, be sure to allow for a generous loop that rises above the tank. This should prevent any splashing of waste from working it's way to Big Orange. Make sure to keep an eye on your tank level, and do not overfill your tank.

No. Big Orange does not filter the waste in your tank, only the air that is vented out of the tank due to flushing, boat movement, or tank expansion. Just be sure to not overfill your tank. If you do, you will need to clean out the filter and replace the carbon and filter screens.

Possibly. While the bypass valve in Big Orange is highly reliable, some pump out facilities are very aggressive.

No, the bypass valve is automatic. You never need to activate the bypass valve, it is operated by the difference in pressure between the tank and the vent line. Positive pressure keeps the valve closed and negative pressure (like during pump out) opens the valve.

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