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making boating better
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About Us

The Big Orange Company is a family run company, located in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada that was founded in 2009 to help make boating better. We started Big Orange after we bought our first boat, a Rinker 250EC, and found out that boats that have holding tanks STINK! We spent a lot of money pouring chemicals down the head to try and stop the smell but found that the chemicals either didn't do anything or just masked the smell with perfume. After much research I thought that I would make a filter for my holding tank. Success.....sort of. My first prototype was made with directions from one of the boating blogs. Sure the smell was gone, but I noticed that my holding tank was collapsing during pump out. So I made another prototype, this time with a bypass valve. This was a winner. I had the prototype made by a 3D printing machine from plastic. The guy running the machine asked me if it mattered what color the prototype was, I said "No, not at all". What I received were bright orange parts, no worries. I put the parts together and it formed a rather large filter. I started showing my new prototype to different people and I got similar feedback, "That's a big orange filter", so our company was born.  
I run the business with the help of my wife, who ships the orders, and my son, who packages the filters. All the parts are proudly made in Canada from tooling that was designed and built in Canada.