Eliminates Odour

Big Orange is connected to the vent line leaving your boats holding tank. Then, before any air can travel from your holding tank to the vent it must first pass through Big Orange. This let’s Big Orange do its work by removing the odour before it reaches you.

Big Orange works by passing the vent line air through a filter comprised of activated carbon pellets. Activated carbon is a special type of carbon that has been processed in a way that makes it extremely porous. In other words, the carbon pellets contain a vast number of tiny holes and valleys on and through them. So many little holes, in fact, that the effective surface area of just one gram of activated carbon is over 500 square meters!

The actual odour that comes from your holding tank is made up of tiny particles of various types. Since the holes and valleys in the activated carbon pellets inside of Big Orange are so small, the odour particles get stuck as they pass through the filter. This results in the odour becoming trapped inside of the filter, eliminating it from the air.

Refillable Filter

You may be aware that other holding tank vent filters also use activated carbon (although they don’t use as much). This may be true, however, when the filter stops working because all of the holes in the carbon pellets have been filled (which will happen sooner than with Big Orange) they make you go out and buy a whole new filter!

Instead, Big Orange holding tank vent filter has been designed to have a refillable filter chamber. This means that when the carbon pellets have been all used up you only need to buy a refill pack (at a much lower price) and refill the filter.

Special By-Pass Valve

A potential danger of traditional vent line filters is that your holding tank could collapse when being pumped out. This happens because as the waste in your holding tank is removed, air must enter the holding tank. The way the air comes in is through the vent line.

Since the air needs to go through the filter, it is not able to come in as quickly as the pump is removing stuff from the tank. This causes the pressure to become unbalanced and the holding tank will collapse. It’s as if you were to suck the air out of a plastic pop bottle. When you suck the air out you decrease the pressure inside of the bottle, causing it to collapse.

Big Orange reduces this possibility by including a special by-pass valve to effectively "turn off" the filter so that you can empty the holding tank with no chance of collapse due to filter restriction.


Largest Filter Capacity Available

The Big Orange filter is also the largest holding tank vent filter available on the market. This means that there are more carbon pellets inside of Big Orange than in any other filter. What this means for you is that the effective surface area of the filter medium in Big Orange is tens of thousands of square meters, meaning that more of the odour particles will become trapped inside of it and it will continue to work longer than any other filter.

Easy Installation

Big Orange has also been designed to be quickly and easily installed with minimal hassle. Big Orange comes with a built-in mounting bracket, mounting screws and a detailed instruction sheet to eliminate any guesswork.