Steps to Install a Big Orange Filter

Steps to Install a Big Orange Filter

Are you enduring any foul smell in your boat? Do people stay away from your boat when you flush the toilet area? Is your boat’s odour affecting your relationships with the guests? Have your counterparts stopped inviting you from rafting with them? If your answer is a big “YESSS” then you have landed on the right article. This article will enlighten you with information related to toilet filter kits, how to install a Big Orange filter kit, and the steps you can take to eradicate the dirty smell from your boat.

Before understanding the steps, let’s know what exactly a Big Orange Filter Kit is. It is a kit that is installed to remove the bad odour from the toilet area of the boat. A Big Orange is a bridge between the vent area and the holding tank. When air passes through the holding tank to the vent, it must pass through a Big Orange filter to remove the odour before it reaches you.

The Contents of the Big Orange Filter Kit are;

1) Filter Base

2) Filter Medium Bag

3) Cartridge Housing

4) 2 small gaskets and one large gasket

5) Cartridge plate

6) 2 filter screens

7) Fastener set: Four M5 x 16mm screws & 2- 10 x ¾” screws

The tools you would need during the installation are as follows;

1) 1inch hose clamps (2) 

2) ⅝ inch pc vent hose

3) Screw Driver

4) Drill & corresponding bits

Installation steps of Big Orange Filter:

1) Before installation of the Big Orange filter, don’t forget to assemble the Big Orange kit. You can start with the cartridge. Fill up the cartridge with the things from the filter medium bag.

2) On the cartridge openings, just put the filter screen on both openings.

3) From the gasket set, remove the bigger gasket and put it on the top of the upper layer of the cartridge.

4) Now in the next step, position the cartridge plate on the top of the cartridge, and with the help of the fastener set, you can tighten the cartridge with the screws. 

5) Now the role of two smaller gaskets comes into the picture. After removing the gaskets from the gasket set, position them properly on top of the cartridge plate. You can also use some grease between the plate and the gasket if need be.

6) Now slither the cartridge plate into the filter base slowly.

7) In the next step, your focus should be on the area where you want to install the Big Orange Filter in your boat.

8) To install the Big Orange Filter, you need to mark the area with holes (you can do it by drilling or any other tool).

9) Apply the screws from the kit box to the required area to mount the Big Orange.

10) Now comes the measurement part. As discussed earlier, Big Orange is connected between the holding tank and the vent. Measure the vent line with the measuring tape from the outlet of the holding tank to the inlet part of the big orange.

11) In the next step, you can detach the vent line from the tank outlet and attach the new vent line to the holding tank along with fitting a Big Orange at one end. 

12) Besides the outlet of the vent, it is recommended to put the Big Orange on the top side of the holding tank and always use the silicone sealer around the screws which are used in the top area of the tank.

13) The location of the Big Orange filter should be adjacent to the vent outlet of the tank and whenever you need to refill, you need to make sure that there is ample space between the cartridge and the filter base.

Things to Remember Before Installing Big Orange Filter:

1.Don't block the bypass valve in the filter base.

2.Install the filter with the airflow arrow in the proper direction.

3.Make sure you keep enough room for white hose fittings at the bottom and top layers of the filter.

4.The holding tank should not carry the burden of overflow otherwise the waste will be inserted into the Big Orange, then it has to be cleaned from scratch with the new filter medium. 

Follow the aforementioned steps to get better results or if you face any issues, drop us a line. We are here to assist you.  

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