New Boat - Continued

New Boat - Continued

Well, we ended up closing on the purchase of a 1998 Maxum 4600. The survey revealed some issues that need to be addressed. We used the boat all summer and made a list of any additional items that we felt needed attention - of course the first thing was the addition of a Big Orange OEM filter!

The boat is currently in the capable hands of Bill Bokan of CCI Shipwrights. The bottom has been blasted to remove all the previous boat paint. Some osmosis was found and all the bubbles have been ground out and have been left to dry for the next few months. The bottom will then be filled and a fresh coat of Interlux barrier coat will be applied and then finished with VC17 bottom paint. There is some interior hull structural work that is getting repaired (from survey) at the same time. 

The other big ticket item that is underway is a new top for the bridge. I have taken advantage of the boat being inside a heated shop for the winter and have contracted G.I. Boat Tops from Midland, Ontario to redo the complete top. The old top only covered about 60% of the bridge, so Shane from G.I. is adding an extension for full coverage, making the bridge much more usable. 

Other things on the list include prop refinishing, new fuel injectors, exhaust grills to keep muskrats out, and a new stereo. The list seems to grow/change daily. 

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