How to Prevent Bad Odour from Your Boat with Eco-Friendly Solution

How to Prevent Bad Odour from Your Boat with Eco-Friendly Solution

If you keep your boat in less-than-ideal conditions or store it in a humid area with little ventilation, you may experience unpleasant odours. This is especially true in tropical regions where mildew can quickly grow in enclosed spaces. 

Whether you're new to boating or an experienced owner, addressing boat odour is essential before it becomes a more significant issue. 

This post will share tips to help you eliminate unpleasant odours and keep your boat smelling fresh.

Here are some tips…

  • Keep your boat’s Toilet Clean
  • In boats, toilets typically use seawater for flushing. While this may seem like a convenient solution, seawater can contain a variety of contaminants that can cause foul odours and lead to clogs in your plumbing system. The discharge hose is particularly susceptible to trapping the smell, making the toilet unusable. 

    To avoid this problem, using fresh water instead of salt water to flush toilets can prevent blockages and unpleasant odours. 

    Alternatively, Installing a boat holding tank filter on the intake line can remove these contaminants and prevent them from entering your toilet and other plumbing fixtures.

  • Ventilation
  • Ensuring your boat remains fresh and odour-free involves an essential step of airing it out. It is not advisable to take your boat out to sea and store it in a sheltered area for an extended period, as this may result in a musty smell. 

    To prevent this, expose your boat to fresh air and sunlight, allowing it to dry out completely before storing it indoors. Before locking up your boat, please inspect for any signs of leaks or damages that may retain water and address them promptly. 

    Additionally, cleaning your boat after use can prevent any lingering seawater smell. If your boat contains cloth materials, remove and dry clean them or steam clean them in the case of carpeting. 

    Ensure the carpet is air-dried before laying it on the base of your boat. When boats are stored in cabins, chlorine dioxide gas treatments can help clean and safeguard the space.

  • Clean Your Holding Tank
  • Keeping your boat's holding tank fresh is essential to maintaining a pleasant odour. This tank holds wastewater and sewage that may have accidentally ended up on your boat. First, pump out the holding tank and treat it with the appropriate fluid. Next, wipe down the inside of the tank with a damp cloth. If the cloth starts to smell, it may indicate damaged housing needs replacement. 

    Also, to further avoid this situation, a boat holding tank filter can remove impurities and contaminants from wastewater before it is discharged overboard, preventing health hazards and damage to the boat's plumbing system.

    The market offers several holding tank filters, including carbon-based, media, and centrifugal. The best holding tank vent filters combine both technologies to achieve maximum effectiveness. It is crucial to choose a filter appropriate for your boat's size and use and follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and maintenance.

  • Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
  • When cleaning your boat, use eco-friendly cleaning products. Many conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can harm the environment and potentially harm your health. Look for cleaning products labelled as biodegradable or environmentally friendly, and avoid those containing bleach or ammonia.

    When cleaning your boat, avoid using harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. Instead, opt for natural cleaning products that are safe and effective. Look for products labelled as eco-friendly and biodegradable, like Big Orange’s refill filter that helps absorb bad smells.

    Closing Lines

    Preventing foul odours on your boat is essential for creating a pleasant environment. By following these eco-friendly solutions, you can keep your boat smelling fresh and clean while also doing your part to protect the environment.

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