All You Need To Know About Toronto International Boat Show 2023

Toronto international boat show 2023

The Toronto International Boat Show is a popular event held annually in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The show features a wide variety of boats, such as powerboats, sailboats, personal watercraft, and other related products and services. In addition to boat displays, the show also features educational seminars, demonstrations, and other exciting activities. 

The show is held in January at the Enercare Centre, which is located at Exhibition Place in downtown Toronto. It attracts footfall in thousands and is considered one of the major events in the boating industry. 

The exhibitors from across the regions come over and promote their marine equipment. Not just this, marine industry also organizes special seminars wherein the experts guide the new firms and educate visitors about the new trends and equipment in the marketplace.

Reasons You Must Attend The Toronto International Boat Show:

  1. Paddle Board Race: The show comprises various races and stunts. Perch on the edge of your seats to watch Wakeboard Riders doing wonderful stunts. You can also get to cheer for your favourite Paddle Board Races. 
  2. FREE Seminars: Boating specialists impart free education, inspire, and amuse the audience by conducting educational free seminars. They share their experience, provide detailed knowledge regarding boating fundamentals.  
  3. What’s In Store This “NEW” Year: Well, the countdown has already begun! The show will commence from Friday, i.e. 20th Jan, 2023 which is called the “First Look Friday.” Huge crowd of boaters and weekend rush is expected. Basically, “First Look Friday” gives the audience an overview of the entire show that is going to take place in the next 10 days. So, buckle up your shoes and get ready to be a part of such interesting show.
  4. Product Exhibition: You will undergo the best boating experience here in this Toronto Boat Show. Everything from extravagant boats to boating accessories will be featured here in the show at the special permitted exhibitor booths.
    Out of many booths, there will also be the Big Orange Booth. The Big Orange Filter is a magic filter for your boat’s holding tank. It prevents foul smell from emanating. If you are looking forward to something that helps you get rid of smell from your boat, visit, 

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  1. Kids’ Special: There will be boatshop museums for the families especially for kids. An array of vintage mahogany launches, ski boats, fibreglass runabouts, cedar strips, and numerous other antique equipment will be displayed. Even boat building programs are held here in this show to assist kids. 

Other Details Of The Toronto International Boat Show 2023:
Start Date: 20th Jan 2023
End Date: 29th Jan 2023

Price Range of Tickets: $5 to $40

Location:  Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, 100 Princes’ Blvd., Toronto, ON M6K 3C3

The Big Orange Details:

Booth Number: G563 {In this booth Original filter and refill kit for $170 ($210 value), OEM filter and refill for $135 ($165 value), $5 off all refill kits ($35/OEM and $45/Original)}

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