All You Need to Know About Alaska Cruising Adventure

All You Need to Know About Alaska Cruising Adventure

Adventure cruises involve umpteen active shore excursions like hiking,kayaking, and chances for wildlife viewing. These cruises offer a luxurious and intimate way to experience breathtaking coastal areas of Alaska and its National Parks.

From Glacier Bay to Misty Fjords and Sitka, you will be delighted to feel the marvellous views of glaciers, whales, and birding while boarding smaller cruise ships like Ranger Tug. 

Rich Odendahl currently provides you various opportunities to explore Alaska. To explore the wonderful coastal wilderness, Rich Odendahl will take you to Alaska's Inside Passage along with some unique itineraries.

You can enjoy spacious and private cabins, excellent food, and breathtaking views of mother nature. You will be served by courteous and well-skilled staff. If you want to experience nature and whale watching trips, then you can look for such packages.

Choose your cruise itinerary wisely and judiciously since an expedition to Alaska will permit you to have a glimpse of the most wonderful flora and fauna, the Great North hosts, bald eagles, brown and black bears, and moose.

Alongside you can also glance at the most incredible marine life along the way, the majestic orcas and humpback whales across the regions. If you need any guidance, Alaskan cruise experts will guide you in every path that may include your favourite destinations like Ketchikan, Glacier Bay National Park and Frederick Sound. 

The exciting cruise packages offer you various astounding services like:

1) Versatility: Small cruise ships will take you to the deeper places where big ships can't reach. It will become easy for you to view more close up shots of glaciers in these nimble vessels and of course you can also visit unplanned stops whenever wildlife appears.

These agile vessels can carry around 12-100 passengers in one go to explore the secluded spots that are close to nature.

2) Personalised Services: These small cruises may be expensive in nature but they provide great private ample space for your luxury that big ships don't offer. Generally big ships run out of shows and buffets when they have huge gatherings to handle. In other words, you can get a more personal level of service. 

3) Hands-on Experience: When you start taking the small cruise ships, slowly and steadily you will immerse yourself in the unimaginable adventure in the lap of nature.

Our cruise programs are so knowledgeable and informative, since our programs include naturalists and speakers who impart knowledge about the wildlife, culture and history that you are unaware of. In the morning, you can enjoy the short trips through kayaks, bikes to the shore. 

4) Discovery Voyages: Cruise ships are perfect for the globetrotters, hodophiles, and adventurers. If you want to explore astounding excursions and scenic beauties, then you can make a booking. You can design your exclusive itinerary into the deep ocean waters and explore the rich shorelines too.

Some guests prefer to board small cruise ships, some even prefer to book private yachts, it’s up to you how you want to commence your journey. You can customize your package and extend the duration of the expedition accordingly and as per your budget. 

5) Pricing Structure: Want to explore the untamed wilderness and enjoy the close experiences with wildlife then these things will not cost you much because the packages are often quite affordable.

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